AFL Terminal Services

We keep growing with new quay projects and renovated + new built warehouses in association with local stevedoring companies in the Port of Antwerp.

We arrange the unloading of breakbulk vessels, the warehousing and storage including the on-carriage to the European hinterland by barges, trucks and rails.

The Port of Antwerp is a Hub for countries such as the Netherlands, France, Germany Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Eastern Europe. It is the shortest most direct and as a result the cheapest way to the hinterland destination.

AFL provides all well-equipped warehouses for storage of all kinds of goods. We offer specialized warehouses for steel products, using the wright equipment to handle the stuffing and stripping. In association with our partners we also built DG warehouses for handling and storage of dangerous products of the various IMDG classes. There is a drumming and dedrumming installation installed for pumping all kinds of products from ISO-tanks to drums, cans or IBC's. In addition to this installation is also an ADR-parking for storage in the most secure conditions of tanks and bulk containers. We also have a warehouse for especially general cargo and packaged goods stored and warehouse another one is suitable for the storage of food (FAVV verification) and partly also for all kinds of miscellaneous goods.

All these locations are equipped with a fleet of forklifts in all categories, container stackers and our own truck fleet. Of course, not to mention that heavy lifts and project cargo require our special equipment and well trained staff.

Heavy lifts and project cargo are also handled by a specialized department.

AFL - Noorderplaats 9, bus 4 - 2000 Antwerpen - - T: +32 (0)3 221 90 00